Thursday, March 12, 2015

Green Tea Snacks

Thank you for stopping back by!  I am pleased to report I have finally started catching up enough to start creating again.  I had a little time today, and created three green tea snacks.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Polar Bear On Ice

This Polar Bear taking an icy bath was inspired by FushichosGallery on Etsy

The original is called Polar Bear on Ice Soap

The bear behind it was my first attempt at a clay polar bear, I wanted it to have the cartoonish feel the soap version did.   That bear was cute, but a little big if I was to put her in a bowl of ice (for a charm)

So I played around with the clay and made a tiny bear, and created a youtube tutorial for the tiny bear

The blue was the first attempt at getting him tiny, and as he is sitting on a dime to give you a size reference.   I felt that is he tiny enough, so I created the bowl, and filled it with liquid clay and glass glitter to make it look like an icy bath.

This is the very first one completed.  I am pleased with how he turned out, especially with how tiny he is.
I am not sure if I will be making them for the shop or not.  I thought the soap was so adorable, so I contacted the owner of FushichosGallery (Carol)  and asked permission to create a tutorial for a miniature clay version.  Carol was very kind, and allowed me to do it.

I know I said that I am perfectly happy with you all selling items from the tutorials I make, but if you want to sell these little guys please contact her and ask for permission.  She is allowing me to sell them if I want, but I will be posting a link to her soap, and her shop in my listing.    The last photo shows him on my index finger, so you can see how tiny he really is.  I will film a youtube tutorial for him.  Since he isn't miniature food like I usually make I didn't know if any of you would like a written tutorial as well.  Let me know if you do.   Thanks for stopping by!
XXs and OOs
ETA; I just finished the video tutorials :) I am working on the written tutorial now.

Here is the actual soap my little guy was inspired by. :) 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Angel Cupcake

Here is a sneak peek of my next tutorial.

I will be creating the written tutorial and posting it here first.  Then I will film a tutorial for the youtube channel. 

The Angel cupcake was suggested by Polar Bear on youtube during my Candy theme.

I will be announcing a new theme as soon as I am caught up.  I am changing the way I am doing it slightly, and people will be free to add suggestions that haven't been made yet to any of the lists.  

Here is the link to the written tutorial.  It will update as I am working on it.  ; ) 

I will be adding the devil cupcake tutorial to the written Angel Cupcake soon.

Thank you for visiting my blog, 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hot Dog Tutorial Sneak Peek

Good Morning!

Thanks for stopping by.  This is the next tutorial I intend to film.  I created a written tutorial already here.

If you would like me to do more written tutorials to go along with my video tutorials please let me know in the comments below if you do.

Take care everyone!
I am sick but hope to start filming again soon :)


Edited :) 1/03/15
I am editing the youtube video tutorial and hope to have it up soon :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Baby's Granny With A Twist

Hey everyone,

I am currently making a baby blanket to donate to the "World's Biggest Stocking" project sponsored by Caron.  For mor information go to

A pattern that was provided by Interweave Crochet for the project was a basic granny square.  I decided to keep with the basic granny, but change up the colors to see if we can mimic a quilt block.

Here is a tiny sketch of what we are trying to achieve.

Please feel free to use my pattern.  I am writing it up currently, and will add pictures as I complete the project.

Here is the Pattern link (it will update automatically as I continue to edit it).  :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Favorite Tutorials So Far

I now have over 200 videos, and 29,000 youtube subscribers, so I wanted to celebrate by linking the tutorials of my very favorite foods that I make
My broken egg tutorial was the first miniature food tutorial I filmed

I don't make lasagna often because it takes a lot of time, but it is one of my all time faves.

Here is my basket of Cherries.

The rainbow snow cone, and lollipops have always been my top sellers.  They are not my favorite to make, but I have made more than 1,000 of each

Eggs Benedict are one of my very favorite breakfast foods, and charms.  Not many people have seen this video, but it is one of my favorite miniatures that I make

Here is my attempt at a realistic lime, coated in clear glitter  they make great gummy limes too!

The lemon bars I am quite partial to.  I have never found making them tedious either.

Here is another video, that hasn't had a ton of views, but is one of my all time favorites.  I don't like making them all that much, but one of the foods I am most proud of.

I love the way these came out.  I have only made one batch, and am almost out of them.  The video doesn't have all that many views either, but here is another food I am proud of.

The coconuts were quite a labor of love, but I really do like them.  I was kind of surprised that there weren't more views on my fruits and veggies.  They are more realistic than many of the other foods I make.
I really enjoyed the bell peppers.  I also have a tutorial on sliced bell peppers in scale on a cutting board.  I was happy with the way they came out.

I actually really enjoy making ice cream.  I love all the little ice creams I have made.

I only made a couple of these little guys, and sold out completely.  I love them!

I wanted to have a few of my favorites here, because There are now over 8 pages of videos on my channel.   Thank you all for taking the time to return to my blog.   I hope to start transitioning more to tutorials and teaching, and cut back on my store a bit.  What have been your favorites?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Knitting Tutorial Channels

A Quick Update
I am sure many of you know that I can crochet and knit as well as make miniature food.

I just wanted to announce that I have a left handed knitting and crochet channel,  and a right handed knitting and crochet channel on youtube now

I am not getting many tutorials up on these channels, because I have am writing, and knitting up patterns before releasing each tutorial in most cases.  

So far I have very basic tutorials, and a few where I include links in the description box of the tutorials for the projects I am showing here in the photos.  

As I complete the projects I am writing patterns for, I will be putting more tutorials online.

For my main Channel, I am now working on a candy theme.  I hope you have had a wonderful Summer!   I hope to start updating the blog here more often, with current projects, links to the new tutorials, and hints about future things to give you a sneak peek :) 

Here is the Right handed striped baby blanket tutorial and pattern 

I am working on the left handed hat, and that will be the next tutorial up on the left handed knitting channel.

Here is the right handed striped baby hat tutorial with pattern

Here is the left handed striped baby hat tutorial and pattern

Thank you all for coming back, and seeing what I have been up to :)