Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Favorite Tutorials So Far

I now have over 200 videos, and 29,000 youtube subscribers, so I wanted to celebrate by linking the tutorials of my very favorite foods that I make
My broken egg tutorial was the first miniature food tutorial I filmed

I don't make lasagna often because it takes a lot of time, but it is one of my all time faves.

Here is my basket of Cherries.

The rainbow snow cone, and lollipops have always been my top sellers.  They are not my favorite to make, but I have made more than 1,000 of each

Eggs Benedict are one of my very favorite breakfast foods, and charms.  Not many people have seen this video, but it is one of my favorite miniatures that I make

Here is my attempt at a realistic lime, coated in clear glitter  they make great gummy limes too!

The lemon bars I am quite partial to.  I have never found making them tedious either.

Here is another video, that hasn't had a ton of views, but is one of my all time favorites.  I don't like making them all that much, but one of the foods I am most proud of.

I love the way these came out.  I have only made one batch, and am almost out of them.  The video doesn't have all that many views either, but here is another food I am proud of.

The coconuts were quite a labor of love, but I really do like them.  I was kind of surprised that there weren't more views on my fruits and veggies.  They are more realistic than many of the other foods I make.
I really enjoyed the bell peppers.  I also have a tutorial on sliced bell peppers in scale on a cutting board.  I was happy with the way they came out.

I actually really enjoy making ice cream.  I love all the little ice creams I have made.

I only made a couple of these little guys, and sold out completely.  I love them!

I wanted to have a few of my favorites here, because There are now over 8 pages of videos on my channel.   Thank you all for taking the time to return to my blog.   I hope to start transitioning more to tutorials and teaching, and cut back on my store a bit.  What have been your favorites?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Knitting Tutorial Channels

A Quick Update
I am sure many of you know that I can crochet and knit as well as make miniature food.

I just wanted to announce that I have a left handed knitting and crochet channel,  and a right handed knitting and crochet channel on youtube now

I am not getting many tutorials up on these channels, because I have am writing, and knitting up patterns before releasing each tutorial in most cases.  

So far I have very basic tutorials, and a few where I include links in the description box of the tutorials for the projects I am showing here in the photos.  

As I complete the projects I am writing patterns for, I will be putting more tutorials online.

For my main Channel, I am now working on a candy theme.  I hope you have had a wonderful Summer!   I hope to start updating the blog here more often, with current projects, links to the new tutorials, and hints about future things to give you a sneak peek :) 

Here is the Right handed striped baby blanket tutorial and pattern 

I am working on the left handed hat, and that will be the next tutorial up on the left handed knitting channel.

Here is the right handed striped baby hat tutorial with pattern

Here is the left handed striped baby hat tutorial and pattern

Thank you all for coming back, and seeing what I have been up to :) 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tropical Polymer Clay Nail Art

Here is a sneak peek for our new polymer clay nail art tutorial series.
I wanted to do this series early just in case any of you are having any parties coming up

Here I made a few tiny foods, and drinks for my nails.  We have a blue Hawaiian, margarita, mojito, green burrito, and quesadilla.
In the next few days I will start putting up tutorials to make the tiny foods you see on my nails.

The mojitos, have lime cane slices, and a lime rind twisted.

The margarita has a thick lime wedge, and course white sand.

The blue Hawaiian has a lemon cane slice, and a lemon rind twist.

I can also show a cheese enchilada if you like.  I decided to go with green and blue, but a sangria, or tequila sunrise would be great with the cheese enchilada and quesadlila.

Here is the tutorial for a lime cane I made.  The good news is most salons have lemon and lime slices already.

The lemon cane is made the same way as the lime is but with yellow and translucent.  The blue color is a clear blue gel.

With the lime tutorial you can create large and small slices of lime as shown in the photo to the left.
Lime Cane Tutorial
You can also make lime gummy candy from the cane slice too.
 Gummy Lime Candy Tutorial 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm On YouTube!

Thank you for stopping by!

I created a YouTube channel, where I am now doing video tutorials of all my miniature foods!

Here is my channel

The photo to the right are my nails.  Recently my nail artist Tin Tin from Blossom Beauty Lounge has been urging me to make my food tiny enough to go on my nails!   Two of my subscribers Mandy Lee, and Miss CiciUK  were also supportive of the idea.   This breakfast inspired set is the very first time I have had my miniature food on my nails, and I think it may just become an addiction! Here is the nail size pancake tutorial.
Here is my nail size egg and bacon tutorial.

So if you were wanting to delve into the world of polymer clay, or just want to see how I make your favorite items stop by, and watch a video or two.  I will be releasing videos in themes.  Right now is Breakfast.

Here is the pancake charm tutorial

Here is my bacon and egg tutorial.

I am transitioning slowly to a focus on creating more tutorials, and reducing my store inventory.  I hope to do a couple of local fairs this year.

Thank you all for being so supportive.

Here is my bowl of  cereal tutorial 
Here is the eggs benedict tutorial ,  and the ham tutorial for the eggs benedict.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Themed Food Tutorials

Welcome back!

In the last month and a half, I have been creating miniature food tutorials and placing them on you tube.
I already have several there.  Since I tend to make food in themes, I decided to create the tutorials in themes too.  Right now I am starting a cherry theme.  The first tutorial will be a basket of cherries.

For the next couple of weeks I will be adding more cherry themed tutorials.

Here is the
Food Tutorial Document I put together that has the links to all the video, and written tutorials I have published to the web.

I will update this blog once I have more cherry tutorials up.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baking Up Some Fun

As many of you now know, I closed my Etsy shop.  You can still reach me there for the time being, but all my miniatures are now on Zibbet.  

First I wanted to say Thank You!!!!  Some of you have already found me on Zibbet, and I am so grateful that you have followed me over.

The Holidays are a pretty hectic time, and the munchkins have been sick, so I haven't been able to make a whole lot of new items.  Here is a sneak peek of my current projects.  

The broken egg is so much fun!  I love them, the egg shell is very thin, and the egg white is a liquid polymer clay.  It is flexible and will bend rather than break.  Take care with this one, you can break this one by smashing it, or tearing it forcefully.

The butter was made by request, but I did make a a few extra, because I have been meaning to make a set of baking charms.  I will be making three more charms to go with the eggs and butter after the Holidays.

The French toast was also a special request, but I decided to make a few extra.  I like the way they look so I will try to make more in the coming year.

This year I won't be making batches of 50 or more.  My batches will be much smaller, so I have time to continue creating more things, and work on other ventures.

I will also be working on couple different projects this year.  I plan on making knitting and crochet left and right handed video tutorials. I will probably throw some food tutorials in there too.  When I start building up enough tutorials, I will comeback and provide the youtube links.

Any Knitted or crocheted items in the store you see, are projects I have been working on for the tutorials.  They are finished and ready to ship, and I will not be making more of the exact same item.

The other big thing I am working on is my family tree.  I am spending a good deal of time researching.  

I will try to get in to more small local fairs this year.  I will post what fairs I will be at along with the  dates and locations.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me as I had have to pull away from Etsy.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Black Friday Sale

Thank you for coming back!

As you know, you can all find me now on Zibbet.

Zibbet is a great handmade community, and I am so glad I found them.  I happened to be looking through their forums recently, and learned that over 100 shops were going to have a Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale.  They are offering anything from free shipping, all the way through 50% off.

The founders of Zibbet have pledged to stay true to handmade, vintage, and supplies.

I really want to support them and help the site grow in my own small way.  So for the first time in three years I am having a sale!  From  November 29th - September 1 Everything in my store will be 25% off.  No need for a coupon code.
Here is the link for my store.

The photos from this blog are my new caramel and chocolate charms.  They are all available, but I am making much smaller batches of foods since closing my Etsy shop.